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Presenters: Dr Maryanne, Dr David Herdstadt, Preethi
Chair: Dr Victor, Dr Xinyi , Prof Cheng Ching Yu

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Main Topic: 1) Paediatric ophthalmic evaluation
2) An approach to refractive error in children
Sub Topic: 1) Basic history and examination in children, including assessment of vision, strabismus/ orthoptic
assessment. (Note: there is a subsequent session on orthoptic assessment).
2)Refractive errors and their role in amblyopia and strabismus
3)Prescribing glasses for children, with emphasis on myopia epidemiology, trials (ATOM), and
management of progressive myopia (atropine, orthokeratology etc)

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Main Topic: An approach to assessment of orbital conditions
Sub Topic: 1)Anatomy/Diagnosis/ imaging of the orbit
2)Diagnosis of orbital diseases- use of the CLOSE algorithm
3) Orbital surgery - indications, pre-operative planning, surgical approach, post operative
4)Management of the anophthalmic socket

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Presenter: Dr David Chen
Chair: Dr Anna Tan
Discussants: Dr Charmaine, Dr Vivien, Dr Janice Lam

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Main Topic: (1) Corneal imaging
2) Contact Lens
Sub Topic: 1)specular microscopy, ASOCT, confocal microscopy, topography (Orbscan, pentacam)
2)indications, types, complications, fitting

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Main Topic: Open angle glaucoma
Sub Topic: Primary open angle glaucoma and Normal tension Glaucoma, Evaluation of the Glaucoma Suspect

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