If you are a health care professional and is interested to attend our teaching, kindly email us at ophv6@nus.edu.sg

Presenters: Dr Chin Sheng, Ivan Seah, Tina Shen, Dayna Yong
Chair: Dr Victor, Dr Xinyi , Prof Cheng Ching Yu

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Presenters: Oculo Fellow/ Dr Maryanne
Chair: Dr Ganga & Dr Steph

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Main topic: 1) Ocular infections in children
2)Shaken baby syndrome
Sub Topic: 1) ophthalmic neonatorum, paediatric preseptal/orbital cellulitis, dacrocystitis, keratitis
2) Ocular features of shaken baby syndrome

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Speaker: Ms Cheryl Guan, Divisional Director, Financial Lines Group healthcare, JLT

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Presenter: Dr Chris Lim
Chair: Dr Dawn Lim
Discussants: Prof Chew, Dr Loon, Dr Su Xinyi

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Main Topic: Angle closure glaucoma.
Sub Topic: PACG, PAC, PACS , management of acute primary angle glaucoma

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