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Presenters: Dr Nicole, Dr Catherina, Weihan
Chair: Dr Victor, Dr Xinyi , Prof Cheng Ching Yu

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Presenters: Oculo Fellow/ Dr Maryanne
Chair: Dr Ganga & Dr Steph

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Main topic: 1) Ocular infections in children
2)Shaken baby syndrome
Sub Topic: 1) ophthalmic neonatorum, paediatric preseptal/orbital cellulitis, dacrocystitis, keratitis
2) Ocular features of shaken baby syndrome

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Speaker: Ms Cheryl Guan, Divisional Director, Financial Lines Group healthcare, JLT


1. Overview of doctor’s MMI transformation from MPS/ NTUC Income/MPLC to the MOHH MMI programme for all doctors

2. What the current scheme entails and how JLT can support doctors on issues on claims, SMC inquiries, other issues of concern (overseas research/ humanitarian work coverage) and impact on a doctor’s practice.

3. Sharing of department specific trends against clusters – notifications and claims

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Presenter: Dr David Hernstadt
Chair: Dr Su Xinyi
Discussants: Dr George, Dr Janice Lam, Prof Caroline Chee
(*RESCHEDULED from 15 Oct* )

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Presenter: Dr Chris Lim
Chair: Dr Dawn Lim
Discussants: Prof Chew, Dr Loon, Dr Su Xinyi

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Main Topic: Angle closure glaucoma.
Sub Topic: PACG, PAC, PACS , management of acute primary angle glaucoma

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