If you are a health care professional and is interested to attend our teaching, kindly email us at ophv6@nus.edu.sg

Chair: Dr Ray
Presenter: Dr Wendy

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Chair: Dr Ganga
Presenter: Dr David C/Dr Ivan

The CME Residents teaching session on Wed 10 March 2021 (Exit Exam Prep) will be held at the individual institutional level.
Training and Education
Dept of Ophthalmology
Tan Tock Seng Hospital

Chair: AP Lingam
Discussants: AP Caroline, Dr Marcus, Dr Janice
Presenter: Dr Trisha

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Chair: Dr Derrick
Presenter: Dr Maryanne

Chair: AP Lingam
Presenter: Dr Chris

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Dr Trisha - Prebending of Pre-fabricated Orbital Implants – Towards Improved Orbital Angle Symmetry Post Craniofacial Trauma Surgery
Dr Preethi - Quality of life in patients with implants post orbital fracture repair

Topic: Exit Exam Preparation

Speakers' : Professor Paul Chew
A/P Clement Tan

Chair: Dr Anna
Discussants: Dr Vivien, Dr Hazel
Presenter: Dr Nicole

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