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Topic: Bandung-NUH Retina Round Table
Time: Jun 6, 2022 08:00 AM Singapore

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Meeting ID: 879 3727 5137
Passcode: 345187

Chair: Dr Yuen Yew Sen

Chair: Prof Graham
Presenter: Dr Maryanne

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Meeting ID: 898 9234 8681
Passcode: 245175

Chair: Prof Sunny Shen
Coordinator: Dr Hugo Lee/Dr Blanche Lim

Topic: " To develop an upper eyelid biomechanical model for ptosis surgery -- a literature review"


Meeting ID: 940 3379 1170
Passcode: 907342

Chair: AP Clement Tan
Presenter: Dr Catherina

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Meeting ID: 893 9160 8996
Passcode: 819788

Chair: Dr Yien Lai
Presenter: Dr Chris

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Meeting ID: 841 3167 7741
Passcode: 104755

Chair: Dr Ganga
Presenter: Dr Krystal Khoo

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Meeting ID: 862 8786 5439
Passcode: 839873

Chair: Dr Wendy
Discussants: Dr Xinyi, Dr Ganga, Dr Loon
Presenter: Dr Dayna

Chair: Dr Derrick
Presenter: Dr Debbie

Chair: AP Gopal Lingam
Presenter: Dr Dawn Ho

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Meeting ID: 841 4235 0692
Passcode: 318093

Chair: Dr Hazel
Discussants: AP Clement, Dr Vivien, Dr Charmaine
Presenter: Dr Chin Sheng

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Meeting ID: 241 173 5883
Passcode: 777888

Chair: Dr Su Xinyi
Dr Catherina Goenadi - Endogenous Endophthalmitis: A Ten-years Retrospective Review in a Tertiary Care Centre
Dr Trisha Zhang - Facial Nerve Palsy: An experience at Natinal University Hospital Ophthalmology Department