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Sharing of Dr Victor Koh's HMDP Experience

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Chair : Prof Graham Holder
Topic: Retinal imaging is so advanced, why do we still need electrophysiology?

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Presenter: Dr Ray Manotosh
Topic: Many hats of herpes simplex keratitis

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Chair: Dr Ganga/AP Clement
Presenter: Dr Nicole Chan

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Jul 2020 NIG Review 1
1) Dr Wendy - IPS Stem Cell Disease Modeling and IRD
2) Dr Marcus - AI in ASOCT

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Chair: A/Prof Lingam Gopal
Presenter: Dr Catherina

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Speaker: Dr Derrick Lian
Presenter: Dr David Hernstadt
Topic: Corneal Pathology

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Chair: Prof Paul Chew
Discussants: Prof Clement, Dr Loon Seng Chee, Dr Vivien Lim
Presenter: Dr Ivan Seah

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