If you are a health care professional and is interested to attend our teaching, kindly email us at ophv6@nus.edu.sg

Chair: A/P Victor Koh
Discussion: Dr Ganga, Dr Charmaine, Dr Hazel
Speaker: Dr Trisha Zhang

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Attendance is compulsory

Chair: Dr Ray Manotosh
Presenter: Dr Chris

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Chair: Dr Ganga
Presenter: Dr David H

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Chair: AP Caroline Chee
Discussants: Dr Yew Sen. Dr Loon SC, Dr Ray
Presenter: Dr Teoh CS

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Chair: Dr Derrick
Presenter: Dr Maryanne

Chair: Dr Yien Lai
Presenter: Dr Krystal

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Chair: Dr Katherine
Presenter: Dr Wei Han

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Chair: Dr Ganga
Discussants: Dr Blanche, Dr Katherine, Dr Xinyi
Presenter: Dr David H

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