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Topic: Sample Size Calculation
Speaker: Prof Chan Yiong Huak

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Subspecialty: VR
Topic: Approach to Age related macular degeneration, including evaluation & management based on current trials

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Subspcecialty: Paed Ophthalmology
Topics: 1) ROP 2) Cataract, RB etc.

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Chair: Dr Chelvin Sng
Discussants: Prof Lingam, Dr Loon Seng Chee, Dr Su Xinyi
Presenter : Dr Maryanne Romero

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Subspecialty: Cornea
Topics: indications, types, complications, fitting

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Resident/MO: Dr Catherina Goenadi

Chair: Dr Ganga
Discussants: Dr Paul Zhao, Dr Chan HW, Dr Anna Tan

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