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Topic : Approach to common macular diseases I
Speaker: Adj A/P Anna Tan

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Chair: AP Clement, Dr Xinyi, Dr Hazel
Presenter: Dr Blanche/Dr Nicole

1) Nicole - Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder: A Paraneoplastic Syndrome
2) Blanche - community health surveys

Presentation/Discussion Based

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Speaker: Dr Derrick Lian
Presenter: Dr Nicole Chan
Topic: Histopathology processes and stains chapter 3 and 4.

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Chair: Dr Victor Koh
Discussants: Ganga, Dr George, Dr Vivien Lim
Presenter: Dr Nicole Chan

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Topic: Electrophysiological tests (ERG, EOG, VEP, Dark adaptation test) in the management of retinal disease

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Chair: A/Prof Caroline Chee
Discussants: Dr Anna Tan, A/Prof Lingam, Dr Chelvin Sng
Presenter: Dr Teoh CS

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Chair: Dr Ganga & Dr Steph
Presenter: Dr Teoh Chin Sheng

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Chair: Dr Paul Zhao
Discussants: Dr Ray Manotosh, Dr Marcus Tan, Dr Dawn Lim
Presenter: Dr Catherina

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Chair: A/Prof Lingam
Discussants: Dr Ray, Dr Su Xinyi, A/Prof Clement Tan
Presenter: Dr Chris Lim

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Chair: Dr Janice Lam
Discussants: Dr Katherine Lun, Dr Hazel Lin, Dr George Thomas
Presenter: Dr Krystal Khoo

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Chair: Dr Yuen Yew Sen
Discussants: Dr Janice Lam, Dr Charmaine Chai, Dr Ray Manotosh
Presenter: Dr Dayna Yong

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