Imaging And Electrophysiology 2019

Imaging and Electrophysiology 2019:

The Visual System, Structure Meets Function



This program is awarded with 12 CME points and 21 CPE points



Provisional Program

The course will be of value to clinicians who wish either to practice in the field or expand their knowledge; to scientists, optometrists and other allied health professionals who have an interest in clinical vision science; and to technicians working in ophthalmological or neurological electrodiagnostic units.

There is an optional half day prior to the main course dealing with the practical recording of electrophysiological tests.


4th April 2019 (Thursday) HANDS-ON ERG WORKSHOP

5th April 2019 (Friday)
  Visual system anatomy and physiology
  Basic principles of OCT and OCT-angiography
  The Basics of Fundus Autofluorescence
  Introduction to ISCEV ERG recording and interpretation
  Pattern ERG: Basics and clinical applications
  Multifocal techniques: Basics and clinical applications
  Structural imaging in retinal and macular disease
  Demonstration of ERG techniques

6th April 2019 (Saturday)
  Clinical ERG in photoreceptor disease
  Clinical ERG in inner retinal disease
  Clinical ERG in inflammatory and autoimmune disease
  Fundus autofluorescence: applications in inherited and acquired retinal diseases
  Wide-Field Imaging in inherited retinal diseases
  The retinal specialist's view
  Visual evoked potentials: Basics and clinical applications
  OCT for the neuro-ophthalmologist
  The neuro-ophthalmologists’s view
  Paediatric techniques and how to test children
  Technical aspects, reporting and medico-legal considerations

7th April 2019 (Sunday)
  Dr, I can’t see in the dark: clinical approach to nyctalopia
  Dr, I don’t like bright lights: investigating photophobia
  Dr, I can't see to read
  Dr, I see things that aren’t there: evaluating positive visual phenomena
  Dr, I can’t see but you can’t see why: approach to unexplained visual loss
  Dr, will my children be affected? The geneticist's approach
  New developments and OCT in the future
  Future therapies for inherited retinal disease
  Correlating structure and function


4th - 7th April 2019
NUHS Tower Block Auditorium

Level 1, 1E Kent Ridge Road
Singapore 119228

Conference Organisers

Graham HOLDER, Singapore

Adrian KOH, Singapore

Hwei-Wuen CHAN, Singapore

Faculty Includes

Alan BIRD, United Kingdom

Gemmy CHEUNG, Singapore

Mineo KONDO, Japan

Bart LEROY, Belgium/USA

Leopold SCHMETTERER, Singapore/Austria

Tharikarn SUJIRAKUL, Thailand

Colin TAN, Singapore

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Department of Ophthalmology
  National University of Singapore
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  1 E, Kent Ridge Road
  Singapore 119228