invision Launch 2023

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Chair: Dr Marcus
Discussants: Dr Yien Lai, AP Clement Tan, Dr Laurence Lim
Presenter: Dr Tina

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Chair: Dr Su Xinyi

Pupil dilation and its effect on biometry results – a meta-analysis by Dr Krystal
Effects of micropulse transscleral cyclophototherapy in uveitic glaucoma by Dr Tong Weihan

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intraocular tumours
Dr Anita Chan
Head & Senior Consultant
Ocular Inflammation & Immunology Department
Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC)

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Chair: Dr Laurence
Discussants: Dr Xinyi, AP Caroline, Dr Marcus
Presenter: Dr Weihan

Chair: AP Victor
Presenter: Prof David Myung (Stanford)

Dr. Myung is an Associate Professor of Ophthalmology at the Byers Eye Institute at Stanford and, by courtesy, of Chemical Engineering. He is a board-certified ophthalmologist and attending physician specializing in cataract and corneal surgery and external diseases of the eye, and the Director of the Ophthalmic Innovation Program, a project-based fellowship in the development and regulatory science of new eye care technologies. Dr. Myung leads an NIH-funded translational research laboratory focused on two areas of clinical need: (1) ophthalmic regenerative medicine through tissue engineering and drug delivery, and (2) global health through mobile technologies and telemedicine. His research group takes an interdisciplinary approach toward fostering regeneration of ocular tissues, by using chemistry to not only build biomimetic cellular architectures but also to target and release bioactive molecules to promote healing.

Dr. Myung is also Director of the new Stanford Teleophthalmology Automated Testing and Universal Screening (STATUS) Program, which is pushing the boundaries of telemedicine and AI to improve eye care worldwide. He and his collaborators investigate the role of mobile technologies and AI in enabling diagnostics and patient care outside of traditional health care settings. Their goal is to challenge current paradigms of eye care delivery through new digital health technologies and telemedicine to increase access to care in resource-limited settings both in the US and abroad. In collaboration with his retina, primary care, and endocrinologist colleagues at Stanford, he has organized and leads a Bay Area-wide Remote Diabetic Eye Care Program. Through this program, patients with diabetes can have their eyes photographed and analyzed by an FDA-cleared autonomous artificial intelligence algorithm at clinics throughout the Bay Area and then, if needed, referred in for further evaluation by a retina specialist.

Topic: Pathologic Myopia
Speaker: Prof Kyoko Ohno Matsui


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Chair: Dr Ganga
Discussants: Dr Blanche, Dr David C, Dr Dawn
Presenter: Dr Krystal

Chair: Dr Vivien
Discussants: Dr Chris, Dr Charmaine, Dr Chen Hsin
Presenter: Dr David H

Chair: Dr Dawn
Discussants: AP Caroline Chee, Dr Yew Sen, AP Ray

Chair: A Ray
Discussants: Dr Charmaine, Dr Hazel, Dr Wendy

Chair: Dr George
Discussants: Dr Wendy, Dr Vivien, Dr Katherine

Chair: Dr Chen Hsin
Discussants: Dr Yien Lai, Dr Yew Sen, Dr Chris

Chair: Dr Loon SC
Discussants: AP Victor, Dr Laurence, Dr David

Chair: Dr Hwei Wuen
Discussants: AP Caroline Chee, Dr Chen Hsin, Dr Vivien

Chair: Dr Xinyi
Discussants: Dr Laurence, AP Clement, Dr Marcus

Chair: Dr David Chen
Discussants: Dr Charmaine, Dr Wendy, Dr George

Chair: Dr Wendy
Discussants: AP Chee, Dr Hwei Wuen, Dr David C

Chair: Dr Janice
Discussants: Dr Yien Lai, Dr Blanche, Dr Dawn

Chair: Dr Yew Sen
Discussants: Dr Xinyi, Dr Marcus, Dr George

Chair: Dr Chris
Discussants: Dr Hwei Wuen, Dr Janice, AP Victor