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Chair: Dr David Chen
Presenter: Dr Nicole

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Passcode: 219063

Chair: Dr Ganga
Presenters: Dr Dawn/Dr Emmanuel

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Chair: Dr Laurence
Discussants: AP Chee, Dr Blanche, Dr Chen Hsin
Presenter: Dr Maryanne

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Chair: Dr Derrick
Presenter: Dr Jaslyn


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C: Dr Hazel
D: AP Clement, AP Caroline Chee, Dr Vivien, Dr Charmaine
P: Dr Teoh Chin Sheng

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Chair: Dr Tham Yih Chung
Speaker: Dr Anna Yeo

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Topic: Controversies in lacrimal drainage surgery
Presenter: Dr Emmanuel lee Boniao
Visiting Expert Discussant: Dr Mohammed Javed Ali, Hong Leong Professor, NUS

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Chair: Dr Chen Hsin
Discussants: Dr Yien Lai, Dr Katherine, Dr Yew Sen
Presenter: Dr Tong Wei Han

Chair: Dr George
Discussants: AP Clement, Dr Hwei Wuen, Dr Xinyi
Presenter: Dr Krystal

Dr Su Xinyi - Research Plans & Grants Application Guideline
Dr Tham Yih Chung - Manuscript Submission

Chair: Dr Ganga
Presenters: Dr Krystal/Dr Emmanuel

Chair: Dr Su Xinyi
A Comparison of Hyperacuity in Emmetropes and Myopes (CHEM) - Dr David Hernstadt
TBC - Dr Raymond Najjar

Chair: Dr Vivien
Discussants: Dr David Chen, Dr Charmaine, Dr Hazel
Presenter: Dr Nicole

Chair: Dr Ganga
Presenters: Dr Tina/Dr Emmanuel

Chair: Dr Katherine
Discussants: AP Chee, Dr Ganga, Dr Dawn
Presenter: Dr Dawn Ho

Chair: Dr Su Xinyi
Dr Dayna Yong - Outcomes of DR post cataract surgery
Dr Nicole - NTG and dementia/cognitive impairment

Chair: Dr Su Xinyi
Discussants: Dr Kat, Dr Laurence, Dr Blanche
Presenter: Dr Jaslyn

Chair: Prof Graham Holder
Presenter: Dr Krystal

Chair: Dr Ganga
Presenters: Dr Dayna/Dr Emmanuel

Chair: Dr David Chen
Discussants: AP Ray, Dr Wendy, Dr Yien Lai
Presenter: Dr Dawn Ho

Chair: Dr Dawn
Discussants: AP Clement. AP Victor, Dr Chen Hsin
Presenter: Dr Dayna

Chair: Dr Charmaine
Discussants: DR Hazel, Dr Marcus , Dr Yew Sen
Presenter: Dr Jaslyn Oh

Chair: Dr Ganga
Presenter: Dr Dayna Yong; Dr Emmanuel

Chair: Dr Laurence
Discussants: DR Su Xinyi, Dr George, Dr Katherine Lun
Presenter: Dr David Hernstadt