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Chair: Prof Caroline Chee
Presenter: Dr Wendy Wong

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Chair: A/Prof Lingam
Discussants: Dr Ray, Dr Su Xinyi, A/Prof Clement Tan
Presenter: Dr Chris Lim

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Jun 2020 Paeds
1 Risk factors for emmetropization in Singaporean children David Chen/Cheryl Ngo
2 Optical coherence tomography features in eyes with amblyopia Yien /Prof Lingam/Dr Su Xinyi (Dr Janice )

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Chair: Dr Janice Lam
Discussants: Dr Katherine Lun, Dr Hazel Lin, Dr George Thomas
Presenter: Dr Krystal Khoo

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Chair: Dr Yuen Yew Sen
Discussants: Dr Janice Lam, Dr Charmaine Chai, Dr Ray Manotosh
Presenter: Dr Dayna Yong

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Jul 2020 Oculo
1) An Epidemiological, Clinical and Pathological Survey of Sebaceous Gland Carcinomas of the Eyelid Blanche Lim/Dr Stephanie Young

2) Multidisciplinary Lacrimal Clinic - Ten Year Experience Blanche Lim/Dr Gangadhara Sundar

3) Survey of ptosis practice patterns among surgeons in APSOPRS Nicole Chan/Dr Stephanie Young

4) Quality of life in patients with implants post orbital fracture repair Preethi/Stephanie Young

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Chair: Dr Ganga & Dr Steph
Presenter: Dr Nicole Chan / Dr David Chen

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Chair: Prof Paul Chew
Discussants: Prof Clement, Dr Loon Seng Chee, Dr Vivien Lim
Presenter: Dr Ivan Seah

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Aug 2020 Retina-2
1) Progression or development of diabetic retinopathy after phacoemulsification and femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery Dayna/Charmaine Chai

2) Corneo-Scleral Angle Changes and Intraocular pressure elevation after Pars Plana G23 Vitrectomy: a case controlled pilot stud Preethi/George Thomas

3) Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography of the Retina and Choroid in patients with Chronic Kidney Disease Tina Shen/Dr George Naveen Thomas

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Chair: Dr Ganga & Dr Steph
Presenter: Dr Nicole Chan / Dr Teoh Chin Sheng

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Chair: Prof Clement
Discussants: Dr Hazel, Dr Marcus, Dr Katherine
Presenter: Dr Tong Weihan

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