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Chair: Dr Sun CH
Presenter: Dr Tina

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Meeting ID: 856 2727 3659
Passcode: 020101

Chair: Prof Graham
Coordinator: Dr Wendy

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Meeting ID: 829 0254 0345
Passcode: 20102010

Topic : Approach to Uveitis
Speaker: Dr Wiryasaputra Shaan
Ocular Inflammation & Immunology Department
Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC)

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Meeting ID: 948 7325 4226

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Chair:: AP Lingam
Presenter: Dr Tina

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Meeting ID: 842 0587 3298
Passcode: 624696

Chair: AP Victor
Presenter: Dr Wei Hong

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Meeting ID: 833 6371 3871
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Chair: Dr Katherine
Discussant: Dr Loon, Dr Marcus, Dr George
Presenter: Dr Dayna

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Chair: Dr Yien Lai
Presenter: Dr David H

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Chair: Prof Graham
Coordinator: Dr Wendy

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1. Presenter: Dr Ma Ma Yin Minn Pann
2. Chair: Dr George Thomas

Chair: Dr Ganga
Presenter: Dr Wei Han/Dr Dayna

Chair: Dr Sun CH
Discussants: Prof Chew, AP Chee, AP Clement
Presenter: Dr Chin Sheng

Chair: Dr Derrick
Presenter: Dr Debbie

Presenter: Prof Graham Holder
Coordinator: Dr Wendy

Presenter: Dr Debbie Goh
Topic: ZO-1 and ZO-2 double knockout mouse model

Topic: Final MMed Prep Course Part 2

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Meeting ID: 839 7659 5418
Passcode: 693738

Chair: AP Victor
Discussants: Dr George, Dr Paul Z, Dr Janice
Presenter: Dr Nicole

1. Presenter: Dr Ma Ma Yin Minn Pann
2. Chair: Dr Wendy Wong

Chair: Dr Katherine/Dr Marcus
Presenter: Dr Nicole

Chair: Dr Janice
Discussants: Dr Marcus, Dr Yien Lai, Dr George
Presenter: Dr Chris

Chair: Dr Derrick
Presenter: Dr Nicole